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THINGAMAJIG™ Alternative Rules


Clue Giving Rule:
When you are giving your clue, the other players may not make comments or give any feedback to indicate their level of comprehension. You must say "Done" when you are done giving your clue. After this, you may not elaborate on your clue or give any additional clues. If players request it, you may repeat your clue exactly as you originally gave it.

End of Game:
Everyone should have the same number of opportunities to be the clue maker. Make sure you remember who is the first clue maker in the game. The last clue maker must be the person to his right. When the chips run out, everyone should put three chips back in the middle of the table. If any players have fewer than three chips left, they just put in what they have. This should be enough chips to allow the game to continue until the last clue maker gets his final turn. If the chips run out again before this happens, just repeat the process.

"Double Jeopardy" variant:
Give everybody 2 chips to start. Any player who is confident of their guess may choose to DOUBLE. In order to double, take one of your chips and slide it forward. If you double and you are wrong, you lose the chip that you slid forward. If you double and you are right, take back the chip that you slid forward and then take two chips from the middle. If everyone doubles and everyone is wrong, nobody loses the chip they slid forward. Instead, the clue maker loses one chip. (This is to prevent the clue maker from deliberately misleading the other players to make them each lose a chip.)


More games to play with your Thingamajig™

You need a 15 by 15 grid for each player. Use this downloadable pdf
with 2 grids on a page


Someone pushes the button and then everyone has to write the word in their
grid or take a chip. Words can intersect crossword style but they don't all
have to. But all connected groups of letters (horizontally and vertically)
must be words.

So, for example you could do something like


When one player gets his seventh chip, the player with the fewest chips wins.


Break the group into two teams. Give each team half of the chips. The team that goes first starts by taking three chips from the other team (this offsets the disadvantage of going first)

Each team picks a player to be their first Clue Giver. Thereafter, on each new turn the Clue Giver will rotate among the players on a team.

The player who's turn it is to be the Clue Giver presses the button and gives a clue. The Clue Giver's team pays the other team one chip for each word in the clue. The Clue Giver's teammates try to guess the word. They get one guess. If they are right, their turn is over. If your team guesses wrong you have to go again. Your turn ends when your team guesses a word correctly and the Thingamajig is then passed to the opposing team.

After each turn, each team discards one chip.
First team to run out of chips loses.


"GIJAMAGNIHT" - for 4 or more.
One player starts as the Guesser. The other players take the Thingamajig and press the button.
Starting with any player who slaps the table first (not the Guesser), that player has 5 seconds to give a one word clue. If they don't, they lose their turn for this round. The Guesser gets one chance per player to guess the Thingamaword. Each of the other players gets only one chance to slap the table and give a clue word. If the Guesser guesses the correct word, he receives one chip for everyone in the game minus the number of clue words given. So if there are four other players and the Definer guesses correctly on the first try, he receives four chips. If he guesses correctly on the third try he receives only two chips. The player who gave the winning clue word receives the same number of chips. Pass the Thingamajig to the next clockwise player and continue play until all the Thingmachips are gone. The player with the most chips wins.



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