Hey Waiter®

Serve it up fast in this cleverly tricky card game! Players race to be the first to dish out all their orders, but only the best can go out to the customers first. Players manage their waiters and busboys while food orders stack up fast. Only expert waiters can juggle so many dishes to get them out hot and on time, especially when opponents are trying to send them back to the kitchen! This delightful strategy game will become a favorite on your game night menu!

Ages 13 & up | 2 to 4 players | Playing time 30 minutes


5 Star Card Game!


Review – BoardGameGeek 

Click Here For Rules in English    Click Here For German Rules

CONTENTS:  48 Dishes, 4 Tray Covers, 88 Waiter Cards, 16 Busboy Cards, 4 Double-Sided Reference Cards, 1 Bag, Rules.

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