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Ticked Off®

The fast, fun, easy-to-play game where you impress your friends with your vast knowledge of just about everything! Players bid on how many items they can list from the category card, such as "Flavors of Potato Chips". Highest bidder earns double points, but just before the timer is started, a new category card is revealed! Everyone frantically writes down answers, but each must choose only one category. When time's up, players call out their responses and matches are "Ticked Off" your list. Players score for unique answers and for beating the high bid! Laughs abound as you hear everyone's answers! 

Ages 13+ • 3 to 10 players • Playing time 40-60 minutes

CONTENTS:  Game Board, 168 Category Cards, 10 Pairs of Pawns, Pad of Paper, 10 Pencils, 1 Electronic Timer


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