Smarty Party®


The party game where coming in last wins! Name a popular 90's TV series, a handyman's tool, a stinky cheese. Each category has several correct answers. Can you name them all? Correct answers mean you get to wear the snazzy blue Smarty Pants! But get it wrong ... and you get a penalty. Last player gets the Pants, last player wearing the Pants gets a bonus, and ... last place wins!

Ages 10+ | 3 to 8 players | Playing time 40-60 minutes

"Destined to be a party game classic!"
  -Dungeon Crawler Magazine

"Terrific Fun!"

A Big THUMBS UP! - The Game Report

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CONTENTS: Game Board, Smarty Pants, 100 Cards, Reader, Penalty Chips, Timer, 16 Pawns

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