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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Welcome to the 1st Edition of GATHER ROUND!
Our newsletter that celebrates life around the table.
Every few weeks we'll be sending along new product updates and fun stuff about the goings on at R&R Games. There will be contests (of course), new games, and perhaps even some Italian recipes for game night. For now, here's our latest product...We're very excited about it. We hope you will be too.
"I kept worrying [😟] ...Will my family have any fun this winter?...

My doctor recommended R&R’s Stayathome™ Box."

The Stayathome™ Box is the once daily dose of fun, proven to
keep families together even during these unprecedented times.
In a recent study, 98% of users found Stayathome™ to lower
their risk of indoor fatigue.

Don’t use Stayathome™ if you are averse to laughing,
celebrating or smiling.

Click on the image below to see if the Stayathome™ Box is right
for you. 
The Stayathome Box is a box filled with games! A revolutionary cure for being stuck at home.
Five games – All easy to learn – Packed with hours of fun! Get the box, and save over 40% off retail value!
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